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John Bonham

A Rock’n Roll Legend One of the biggest influences in rock drumming is John Bonham (Led Zeppelin). Drummers like Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers),… are inspired by the playing of John Bonham. Bonham is without a doubt one of my favorite drummers of all times. In this video you can see […]

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Steve Gadd Playlist

Dive into the Steve Gadd Playlist I am posting this Steve Gadd Playlist because Steve Gadd is one of my absolute favorite drummers. With his deep groove and different approach he gets my attention every time again. He seems to never overplay it while what he does is still very technical. Gadd played with lots of great […]

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Doggy Style

Metallica – Enter Sandman Unfortunately I don’t have a “Nonsense” category on this website (yet). Otherwise this one would fit in perfectly. This dog plays drums on Enter Sandman (Metallica). The finishing touch in this video is definitely the pink drumset 😉 Dogs play drums

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Online drum lessons

Learn to play drums using online drum lessons With the growing popularity of websites like Drumeo and lots of youtube channels offering free online drum lessons, some starting drummers might wonder whether it’s still worth paying a local drum teacher. After all the internet is an infinite resource of anything you’ll ever want to learn or know. […]